Is your child bored of the same old birthday parties? Make their birthday the most memorable event of the year with our top eight party ideas - they're sure to make the other kids jealous!


Once Upon a Time…


Princesses will never go out of style - expand on the traditional fairy tale theme by including characters like Rumplestiltskin and the Pied Piper to include some of the more reluctant boys. Games can include poisoned apple bobbing, decorate your own gingerbread man, and an adapted version of pin the tail on the donkey (pin the tiara on the princess). If the kids are a little older, why not let them channel their inner-Merida and try a round of (kid-friendly) archery?



If your kid is dinosaur-mad (let’s face it – who hasn’t been?) then put together a prehistoric surprise that they will never forget. Set up a sand pit where they can dig for dinosaur bones and become real life palaeontologists. Freeze small plastic dinosaurs in blocks of ice so that the party-goers can “excavate” them from their icy prisons.



Make your own superhero training school and put your guests through their paces with Nerf gun target practice. Use colored streamers to set up a laser obstacle course and see who can complete the challenges in the fastest time. Once your little heroes have honed their skills, it’s time to put them to the test: Mom’s been kidnapped by an evil villain! Can they solve the clues and save the day?


Harry Potter

Have a sorting hat at the door and sort your guests as they arrive. This is a handy way of organising teams for games later on. Serve pumpkin juice and other wizardy treats, and give each guest a hand-made wand as a small take-home gift. Set up some goalposts in the garden and have a game of quidditch to let off some steam before enjoying some of Harry’s favorite dessert, treacle tart.


Under the sea

Decorate your party room with blue and green streamers and jellyfish made from paper plates. Set up a craft corner so each little mermaid or merman can make their own tiara. If you can, why not include a visit to the aquarium? If the budget is a little tighter,have a pool party so the guests can become real merpeople for the afternoon.



Set up a treasure hunt in the garden and let the kids use a treasure map to follow a series of clues to find the prize. Have the losers walk the plank: set up a wooden beam a few inches above a baby pool and see if they can make it to the other side without getting wet! Other pirate-themed activities can be found here.



Stock up on tin foil and put together a space-themed party. Make papier-mache planet piñatas and hang them from the ceiling as a model of the solar system. Use this as an educational experience to teach them about the other planets. If you can, let them try astronaut ice cream. Set up a craft corner where guests can make flying saucers out of paper plates.


Teddy Bear’s Picnic

This is a great one for the younger kids. Get out your fanciest table cloth and have a proper tea party – finger sandwiches are perfect for those smaller hands. Be sure to set extra places at the table and ask your guests to bring their favorite teddy along.