So you're vegan. Or you're thinking of becoming vegan. You want to be healthy but you have no idea what to do or where to begin? It's ok to admit it, you know. It's a pretty daunting thing, going vegan. It's hard and it takes effort and discipline. But if you're willing and determined (or you'd rather not be rolling around your living room floor in pain), then the internet is about to become your new best friend. 

The internet is home to many people who are right there with you, starting out on their vegan journey, and people who have aced their exams and are filtering all that knowledge back into the world. 

So if you want to live a healthy, vegan, animal cruelty-free lifestyle, you NEED to follow these food bloggers. They will solve your longsuffering love for cheesecake (I miss cheesecake). Trying to diet but craving brownies, Chocolate Covered Kate has you covered. Love cheese a little too much, Minimalist Baker's got a beautiful gluten free Mac 'n' Cheese for you. 

You get the idea. So here are the 5 vegan food bloggers we think you should be following: 


1) Chocolate Covered Katie

Image Source: Chocolate Covered Katie

Katie is a girl who, you guessed it, loves chocolate and strongly believes that cake SHOULD be eaten for breakfast. Sound good? Katie creates all manner of foods. Here desserts are extensive and include everything from ice cream to puddings and pies to cookies. And all of them are healthy. In moderation, of course.

Chocolate Covered Katie's website is highly searchable and easy to navigate. Some of her recipes are even a hundred calories per portion. Women's Health Magazine dubbed her "The Next Nigella Lawson" and Amazon chose her debut cookbook, The Chocolate-Covered Katie Cookbook, as one of their top 20 Cookbooks of 2015. 

If I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be her Homemade Healthy Nutella. I've made it more times than I can count. 

2) Oh She Glows

Image Source: Oh She Glows

Angela has spent the last 8 years cultivating and sharing plant-based recipes with the world via her blog and cookbooks. Oh She Glows started as a safe place for Angela to write about her recovery from an eating disorder and quickly became a place for both women and men to learn about vegan foods and live healthy lives. 

Oh She Glows is filled to the brim with creative vegan recipes accompanied by mouthwatering photos and a style of writing which will instantly inspire you. 

My favorite Oh She Glows recipe has got to be the Speedy Veggie Noodle Bowl with Homemade Teriyaki Sauce. 

3) Deliciously Ella

Image Source: Deliciously Ella

Ella started Deliciously Ella nearly four years ago as a way of dealing with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome, a relatively rare illness which affects the autonomic nervous system. She overcame it by embracing a plant-based, allergen-friendly diet. With a mindset to show the world that healthy food can be more than bland salads and iceberg lettuce, Ella now focuses on creating healthy, delicious food will promoting a positive, healthy way of life that doesn't deprive or starve anyone. 

Ella has published two books, Deliciously Ella and Deliciously Ella Every Day, and is in the process of writing her third. She has been featured in countless publications, including Glamour magazine, Times Magazine, and Red. 

Carrot Cake Cookies anyone? Yes, you read that right. Deliciously Ella has created Carrot Cake Cookies and they're beautiful. Recipe here.

4) Minimalist Baker


Image Source: Minimalist Baker

Minimalist Baker is run by wife-husband team, Dana and John and is devoted to simple cooking. All of their recipes are easy-to-make, require 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl or 1 pot, and take 30 minutes or less to prepare. Dana is lactose intolerant and has been experimenting with dairy-free and egg-free baking for years. Their website features helpful blogger resource tips and a photography school set up by Dana to help others master food photography. 

My favorite Minimalist Baker recipe is this 1 Pot Red Lentil Curry. My major reasoning for this is that it's probably one of few vegan curries I've found that doesn't require a trip to the Chinese market for herbs I've never heard of. It's quick and simple. 

And in browsing their website to write this post, I've stumbled upon something I will be making IMMEDIATELY! Vegan Peanut Butter Cup Pie? Yes, please!

5) Vegan Richa


Image Source: Vegan Richa

Richa is an award winning blogger loves sharing simple, delicious plant-based and unique recipes. She has an entire section dedicated to Indian dishes. An entire section dedicated to Indian food? I think I might be in heaven. Discovering this blogger might have been the best thing to happen in my life. Sad, I know. But good vegan food is hard to come by! 

Vegan Richa has been featured in numerous publications, some of which include the Huffington Post, Glamour,, Cosmopolitan, and BuzzFeed. 

My favorite recipe has to be the 1 Pot Chickpea Sweet Potato Spinach Curry.  Although, these Mixed Vegetable Pakora Bakes would also win my vote. 


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