So you've stumbled upon the vast and terrifying world of animal testing and are currently staring at your screen in terror afraid to set foot in a store ever again. It's ok. We've all been there - blurry eyed reading every label in the cosmetics aisle and googling every brand as if our lives depend on it. Chances are you're already vegetarian at least so label reading isn't a problem for you. If not, it's about to become your life. 

But thankfully, the internet is a wonderful place with people who are a couple of steps ahead of you in the terrifying world of animal cruelty. They're here to help you get through those first few uneasy steps. 

These are just a few of the bloggers dedicating their free time and/or lives to documenting their discoveries: 

1) Logical Harmony

Created by Tashina Combs, Logical Harmony is an award winning blog which focuses on highlighting products which are safe and cruelty-free.  Their website is easy to navigate and features entries covering cosmetics, hair care, skin care, nail care and lifestyle. The best features of Logical Harmony have to be the cruelty free and vegan brand lists which are updated weekly and the product reviews. Tashina also vlogs her reviews and prepares and tests vegan recipes.

2) Ethical Elephant 

Run by Vicky Ly, Ethical Elphant offers its readers a crash course in vegan and cruelty-free branding, aiming to help consumers understand the difference and what makes a product cruelty-free. She has an entire section dedicated to free resource which will help you shop ethically, as well as a host of product reviews and thought pieces on vegan clothing.

3) The Little Foxes

The Little Foxes was set up by Ashlee Piper who is known to make TV appearances and voice her opinions loudly, anything to shed a spotlight on the atrocities committed by any company abusing animals in any form, whether it be testing or shows. On The Little Foxes, you'll find recipes, tips, giveaways and thought pieces inspired by Ashlee's drive to end animal suffering.

4) Organic Beauty Talk

Founded by Brandie Gilliam in 2011, Organic Beauty Talk is dedicated to connecting ethically minded consumers with high quality, natural, eco-friendly products. Their goal is to help you make choices which are ethical and ensure you can avoid harmful ingredients. The OBT website contains hundreds of product reviews and tips, with lists of ingredients to avoid and brands you can trust, as well as interviews with safe brands. It's a great resource no matter how long you've been ethically conscious. They're also strict on their writers so you can feel safe in the knowledge that Organic Beauty Talk content comes directly from people who live ethical, eco-friendly lives. 

5) The Beauty Proof

The Beauty Proof was created by Jacqueline Jones in 2013 with an aim of documenting the changes in her own life and home on her journey to making more considered, health-conscious decision. Her blog is dedicated to product reviews which provide breakdowns of the ingredients and what they do. Jacqueline has also devised a handy color-coded system for highlighting when a product is 'extremely safe' and 'reasonably safe', and when consumers should 'proceed with caution' or 'insufficient data' was provided. A great tool when you're already in the supermarket or short on time. Her resources are dedicated to helping you understand the ingredients, finding solutions for problem skin and providing you with quick and easy guides to safe, natural skincare, makeup and hair care.  

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