Disney has a huge impact on children and, evidently, when those children grow up, Disney continues to have a profound impact. So profound that some artists are driven to reimagine their favorite characters, placing new spins and filters on once innocent perfect princesses. There are an infinite number of reworks in countless mediums, each one distinctly their own and beloved just as much as the original designs. 

Here are 14 of our favorite illustrations: 

1) Disney Princesses as Tim Burton Characters

Artist Andrew Tarusov merged Disney with Tim Burton after questioning what the Disney classics would have looked like if Tim Burton had directed them. Seeing nothing but twisted, lanky figures surrounded by dark hues and swirling colors. Down the rabbit hole he went and the results were mesmerizing. 

In an interview with HelloGiggles, Tarusov said "I love how Burton’s style looks vintage, chic, and cute all at the same time. His work is often marketed as ‘horror’ movies, but at the same time, it’s not a horror… It could be any genre.”

Check out the article and more Tim Burton-esque Disney characters here: 

2) #WokeUpLikeThis

Isaiah Stephens humanized the Disney princesses and brought them in line with how women actually look in the morning. You're going to see a lot of Stephens' work in this post; he's rather prolific thanks to his Cosmopolitan column. Isaiah Stephens, redefining public perceptions, one illustration at a time. 

Click here to see the rest of the illustrations in the #WokeUpLikeThis series.

3) Disney Princesses as Relatable Millennials

Most of the Disney princesses are in their teens/early-twenties to begin with but what would they look like if they lived in our society? What would they be doing with themselves? Well, imagine no more. Anoosha Syed answered those questions for you with a series of illustrations covering all of your favorite princesses. 

To see the rest of Syed's reimaginings, check out her Instagram.

4) Disney Princesses as Harry Potter Characters

Stephens strikes again. See I said you'd see him again. Disney characters in Hogwarts, doing wizard-y things. No further explanation needed really, is there? 

For more Harry Potter inspired princesses and princes, go browse Stephens Instagram. 

5) Disney Princesses dressed up for Halloween

Strong female role models dressed as strong female role models from other stories/universes? I'm good with that. I'm a particular fan of Snow White dressed as Wonder Woman, given that her ability to decide her own life was taken away by a man she met once who may or may not have been the Grim Reaper incarnate - We'll get into that one another time, shall we?  

Who gifted us with these wonderfully strong women you ask? Isaiah Stephens, of course. Check out more Disney characters playing dress up on HelloGiggles. 

6) Disney Princesses breastfeeding in public

There's been a lot of controversy surrounding breastfeeding in public spaces over the last year - although it's definitely a stigma that's been affecting women for years. Some people are comfortable with it and others aren't; that's the simple fact. Why they should feel uncomfortable about it, I have no idea and, it seems, Buzzfeed agrees because their staff designer, Loryn Brantz, came up with five (there may be more lurking somewhere on the Web) illustrations of Disney Princesses breastfeeding in public, daring anyone to argue their right to do it. 

7) Disney Princesses visit the Gyno

Because real women do. Danielle Sepulveres, a writer and sex education speaker worked with artist Maritza Lugo to elevate the profile of Cervical Cancer Awareness Month and make women aware of the actions they can take to reduce the risk of developing cervical cancer. “There is a stigma attached to HPV and cervical cancer, and the media plays a part in perpetuating it. I want women to know that even though they don’t have a celebrity ambassador, they don’t need to be embarrassed and they don’t need to feel ashamed,” Sepulveres told Forbes

To see more of Lugo's illustrations, check out the article by Forbes.

8) Disney Princesses realistically sized

Curvy Kate, a plus-size lingerie brand, decided that it was about time the princesses were used to celebrate a diverse image in keeping with the norm in today's society. So they gave them a bit of a makeover and used them to model their collection. The original blog explaining their motives seems to have disappeared into the ether but you can view the rest of the illustrations on Seventeen.


9) Disney Princesses in their old age

Think growing old is something to worry about? Well, Isaiah Stephens enlisted the princesses to help you forget those notions. To see the whole collection, check out Stephens' website. 


10) Disney Princesses as Magic Mike Characters

The Princesses aren't always all serious, raising awareness for key issues in gender equality and mental health. They get to have fun like the rest of us. And what's more fun than Magic Mike? 

Check out more of Isaiah Stephens' Magic Mike illustrations here. 

11) Disney Princesses as pop stars from the late 90s

As we've noted, the Disney princesses are pretty influential on children of all ages - and adults of all ages - but in the 90s pop stars had just as much a say in the way we acted, the things we wore and the friends we had. Isaiah Stephens has recognized that and given us, Princess Pop Stars. The mind boggles.

See the full collection here.

12) Disney Princesses in Britney Spears music videos

Talk of influential forces. Britney Spears had a major effect on the lives of young girls in her early days. Some of us probably wished her effect wasn't as major in the early 2000s but what can you do about it? Strong women require strong role models who highlight controversial issues - like the fact that women aren't perfect little dolls you place on a shelf, we do break and we do make mistakes. 

Check out the full collection on Isaiah Stephens' website. 

13) Disney Princesses starring in Leonardo DiCaprio movies

I don't know if you heard but LEO FINALLY WON AN OSCAR! It was an event. It was an event so anticipated and hoped for that Cosmopolitan asked Isaiah Stephens to insert the princesses into Leonardo DiCarprio films. The results are pretty amazing. See for yourselves!

By this point, you've clicked on Stephens Instagram so many times, you might as well follow him and be done with it. 

14) Disney Princesses Twisted

I saved the best for last. Twisted princesses have got to be the most thrilling imaginings yet. Or maybe that's just me. My favorite is Alice but she's not technically a princess. You can bet she'd be finishing this list otherwise. But I do love them all. Do you? 

Check out the entire collection on Jeffry Thomas' Deviant Art page.